Terms & Conditions
& Warranty 

Important Information:
Freediving is a sport that carries risk and by using this 2971 Ltd equipment whilst freediving you acknowledge the dangers associated with freediving. 2971 Ltd products are merely there as tools to help a person freediving, whether it be in training or competition. 2971 Ltd has taken every precaution in the development and manufacture of these freediving products to insure that they are not faulty and that it helps aid performance, safety and enjoyment while freediving, but will not be held liable for death or injury while using the products.

2971 Ltd makes no guarantees that life will be preserved or that it will save one's life with regards to the Safety Lanyard. The Safety Lanyard is an aid in reducing the risk but does not negate the risk when freediving.

Care must be taken at all times to use 2971 Ltd products as intended.

This Limited Warranty is offered by 2971 Ltd for the best support service to the consumer, and does not replace nor limit the rights guaranteed by law in compliance with the rules on certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees, implemented in The Consumer Act 2015 of the United Kingdom.

Length and conditions of validity: 2971 Ltd warrants to the original purchase only, that this product, purchased from an authorised 2971 Ltd dealer, will be free of defects in material and/or workmanship, under normal recreational diving and swimming use for carbon blades, Safety Lanyard and Nose Clip for a period of 2 years from the product purchase date. This date must be verified by a valid sales document (sales receipt).

Warranty claims must be submitted directly with 2971 Ltd or an authorized 2971 Ltd dealer or where the product was purchased within 30 days of when the defect is found. When a claim is submitted, the product must also be supplied along with the valid sales document and the Warranty Certificate completed in full. The dealer or consumer (if claim is with 2971 Ltd directly) will deliver the product to 2971 Ltd. 2971 Ltd reserves the right to refuse free service if the required documentation cannot be provided or if information is incomplete, illegible or incorrect.

Content of the Warranty:
During the warranty period, if a defect is found that is attributable to defects in materials or workmanship, 2971 Ltd at its own discretion, will repair or replace the claimed product without any expense to the consumer. 2971 Ltd reserves the right to replace the claimed product with a similar product of comparable value in case of unavailability of the product. All products that 2971 Ltd has replaced shall become the property of 2971 Ltd.

Any replaced product does not extend the original warranty beyond the period of 2 years for carbon blades, Saftey Lanyard, Nose Clip, Mask or CNF Belt from original date of purchase. If the product is found not to be covered by the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty, 2971 Ltd reserves the right to charge a handling fee.

Warranty Exclusion Clauses:
2971 Ltd Limited Warranty does not cover loss or damage due to:

1. Defects or damage caused by heavy, unusual, or incorrect use under abnormal conditions (blows, jerks, falls, bumps, etc.)
2. Defects or damages caused by lack of or incorrect maintenance or through negligence or maintenance by an unauthorised 2971 Ltd dealer
3. Defects or damages known or evident at the time of purchase of the product
4. Clear defects or damage, tacitly accepted, that did not interfere with the product’s operation
5. Scratches or damages to the surfaces and external areas due to normal use of the product
6. Defects or damages caused by cleaning materials or other substances containing aggressive chemicals (solvents, surfactants, aggressive cleaners etc.)
7. Defects or damages resulting from alterations and changes made to the products without authorisation
8. Defects or damages caused by improper assembly of the components
9. Defects or damages caused by prolonged use of the product in chlorinated or polluted water
10. Defects or damages caused by exposing the product to excessive temperatures, fire, or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Technical operations conducted on products by unauthorised personnel will result in the loss of all rights under the 2971 Ltd Warranty. To verify whether a dealer is authorized by 2971 Ltd, or for any other questions, check the 2971 Ltd website: www.2971.co.uk or send an email to hello@2971.co.uk

This warranty does not cover equipment used for rental, military or commercial purposes.

Limitations of Liability:
2971 Ltd shall not be liable for any injury, death or damage that may, directly or indirectly, occur to persons, things, animals resulting from the use of 2971 Ltd products. 2971 Ltd will not be held responsible for any agreements written or oral except of those that are a part of this warranty statement. 2971 Ltd entire liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product by 2971 Ltd. 2971 Ltd will not pay any compensation for any loses, whether it be physical or financial, which might be caused by the inability to use the product or for any potential financial or physical loses incurred while the product is being repaired or replaced.

Before and After Use Guide:
Before use of 2971 Ltd equipment, make sure that all equipment and components are working correctly. If equipment and components are not working properly, and continue not to work correctly, do not continue to use.

After use, whether in saltwater, freshwater or in the pool, all equipment should be thoroughly rinsed in freshwater to make sure all salt or contaminants are eradicated and then hung to dry. Never leave the equipment out in the sun for more 30 minutes. Following these simple after use care procedures will insure the mechanical integrity of your 2971 Ltd equipment.